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Enjoy Private Label & Award Winning Natural Lines,  

always 15% off!

We offer both private label and specialty products, including Tuel skin care kits, favorite "target products" by skin type,  and home care professional exfoliators. We also carry Sweet & True Sugaring Co pre and post hair removal home care and whole body skin care products. 

Shop with our online store or stop by for a visit and free consult! Or visit fun and informative pages on our website, Your Tuel Experience or Sugaring Hair Removal to start! 

Pay a flat rate of $4.00 shipping & handling per item when shopping online or stop by our wellness center for more savings.

Out of Stock? Contact me for special order request on any item or ship your order directly from labs, at my 15% discount. I am always happy to accommodate you!

The list of healing botanical ingredients will knock your socks off:

* AHA’s/ BHA’s: gently exfoliate and soften, while addressing clogged pores
* Aloe Vera: cools, moisturizes & heals
* Cucumber: soothes, tightens, tones, hydrates and rejuvenates
* Lavender Oil: calms and regenerates
* Tea Tree Oil: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
* Sodium Hyaluronate: attracts moisture 

True Smoothing Serum~ Face & Body

FROM SWEET AND TRUE SUGARING CO~ We spent years “geeking out” in the lab to launch this awesome serum to battle those not-so-awesome ingrown hairs. We envisioned an exfoliant that was gentle on the skin, effective, packed with pure botanical ingredients and a delight to use. With a lofty goal in mind, we dusted off our herbalism, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics books and formulated a dream brew that kicks ingrowns to the curb. During the process, we discovered that by staying botanical-based, we came up with something pretty amazing. With all good things, it must be shared. True Smoothing Serum is a multipurpose serum that is effective on the face, bikini area and whole body. No cheap cosmetic fillers or water; this formulation is packed with pure botanical goodness. It’s also free of parabens and other nasty hormone disruptors.

True Smoothing Serum can also be used to treat other skin irritations and post all hair removal systems, even razored "cheat spots"!

True Smoothing Serum