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Wellness & Speciality Facials 

Prices are All Inclusive, come with many options for Ultrasonic, Facial Cupping or Tuel Experience for a truly customized experience. Dermal Leveling and Facial Sugaring are also available for hair removal and deep exfoliation. 

With years of experience in the massage industry, I am introducing high quality and well researched facial products to address skin care concerns including but not limited to anti-aging, problem or sensitive skin, oncology skincare, cellular health and regeneration, hydration, natural botanical ingredients and super serums. My menu is simple and straightforward, no gimmicks or upsells or pressure to buy products!

Like my massage sessions, your personalized facials are for full sessions of hands on time and perks, including fantastic upper body massage as well as hand and foot massage by request. Full back body massage (legs and back) and facial combos are also available with 90 and 120 minute session options.

For more information about the amazing quality of my facial products or Specialty Facials, click on buttons below, followed by menu of services.

Hydrojelly Masque Menu

Hexapeptide Masque Menu

Your Tuel Experience

Dermal Leveling Facial

Facial Sugaring Tx

Facial Cupping Tx

Rates & Options/ All-Inclusive Pricing

(See Details for Wellness & Signature Facials Below Price Menu)

*** Hydrojelly Masques Available by Request, included in DermaLeveling, Ultrasonic Facial and all Signature Facials at no extra charge

OR add on to any Wellness Facial for $10, choose from our premium selection: Egyptian Rose, Pure Himalayan White Tea, Intensive Aftercare, Skin Warrior & Antioxidant Goji, see button link above for more info***

*** Hexapeptide Masques Available by Request, included in Ultrasonic Facial and Botanical Lift Signature Facial at no extra charge

OR add on to any Wellness Facial for $10, choose EGF Repair, Nourishing Rose, Brightening Vit C, Hydrating Tropical or Clarifying Charcoal, see button link above for more info***

60 Minute Wellness Facial

(Choice of BeeDazzle Facial, Incredible Enzyme Facial or Clarifying Custom Facial)


2022 Season Specials for Clarifying Custom Facial:

* FIRE & ICE FACIAL (Refining Power Enzymes & Soothing Hydration, All skin types except Sensitive).

* SUPERFOOD DETOX FACIAL (Lymphatic Drainage, Facelift Massage & Antioxidant Recharge, All skin types)


90 Minute Wellness Facial & Massage Combo 

(Choice of BeeDazzle, Incredible Enzyme or Clarifying Custom Facial with full back massage)


90 Minute Wellness Facial with Ultrasonic Tx

Choose your Hydrojelly or Hexapeptide Mask!


120 Minute Signature Facial & Massage Combo

(Choice of LuminEssence Massage Facial, Botanical Lift Massage Facial or Thai Massage Facial)


75 Minute Dermal Leveling Rejuvenation

(Includes Enzyme Peel and Specialty Masque)


45 Minute Dermal Leveling Express Pro Treatment 

(Includes Rapid Enzyme Masque and Moisturizer)

*Available for repeat "Pro" Dermal Levelers only*


60 Minute Tuel Facial (Type by Consult)


90 Minute Tuel Facial (Type by Consult) Combo 

(Full Back Massage Or Facial Cupping Treatment)



30 minute Express Tuel Facial

with 60 or 90 minute Massage Session 

(Travel Kits may be purchased for one time discount

of $45 while supplies last,1 kit per client)


30 minute Express Facial Cupping Tx 

with 60 or 90 minute Massage Session

(& Made for You Japanese Power Masque)


45 minute Express Dermal Leveling Pro Treatment 

(Includes Rapid Enzyme Masque and Moisturizer)

*Available for repeat "Pro" Dermal Levelers only*


Interested in Sugaring Hair Removal with your Facial or Massage? Sugaring is a gentle and effective method for smooth results! 

See sister page 

for more information!

Wellness Facial Descriptions:

All Inclusive Rates of $95 for 60 mins or 

$145 for 90 mins (includes Full Back Massage).

BeeDazzle Facial (Refining Treatment with active Manuka Honey, Sensitive Skin Safe, Award Winning, Get that Glow without down time!)

This popular facial delivers quality rejuvenation by uniting refinement and recovery in one unique formulation. Sensitive friendly AHAs recondition skin's texture and complexion, especially appearance of skin suffering from a wide variety of issues (including fine lines, blemishes, uneven tone, roughness) without exacerbating sensitivity. 

Bio-Active Manuka Honey improves the skin’s recovery response with exceptional and scientifically-tested bioactivity, including healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. The skin’s pH is naturally balanced and amino acids slough away dead skin cells, helping to keep pores clear (See my Truth Blog for more information about the amazing properties of Manuka honey). Mirabilis Jalapa extract further enhances recovery.

This refining and balancing facial is complete with a fantastic upper body massage, including hands and feet, with options for more. 

Incredible Enzyme Facial (High Powered Fruit Enzymes, Deep Exfoliation & Brightening, Get that Glow without down time!)

 A powerhouse against lusterless skin, the Incredible Enzyme Facial optimizes skin’s complexion at a surface and cellular level via a blend of botanical exfoliating enzymes and refinement assistants that work together to rejuvenate texture and tone for clarity that can be felt and seen. By utilizing protein-digesting botanical enzymes (pomegranate, fig, pineapple, and papaya) enzymes, instead of beta- or alpha-hydroxy acids, cellular debris is cleared with less risk of irritation and without disrupting pH. Deep Conditioning or Balancing Masques compliment enzymatic exfoliation and are chosen based on individual goals or skin type needs. Build your own facial or enjoy treating your skin to different combinations!

This high powered facial is complete with a fantastic upper body massage, including hands and feet. The Incredible Enzyme Facial is also an excellent alternative to peels with no down time and many more perks!

Clarifying Custom Facial (European/ Relaxation/ Problem Skin/ All Skin Types, Option for Ultrasonic instead of Full Back Massage for 90 min session)

Classic and Luxurious European facial to be tailored to your special needs after in depth analysis. Botanical and high quality skin care products are customized to address all skin conditions. Targeted concerns for aging, red or irritated conditions, sensitive or blemished skin, dehydrated/dry or oily skin are all addressed in this tailored Clarifying Custom Facial. 

Collagen boosters, enzyme masks, botanical masks, AHA or hydration masks are all part of your designer treatment back bar. Deep cleansing and exfoliation techniques enhance product penetration as well as treatment of clogged pores. Revitalizing serums enhance all Clarifying Custom Facials. ALL PRODUCT LINES are available with this facial, feel free to contact me for recommendations and  check menu for seasonal specialty facials!

Rejuvenate and relax with a facial customized for all your needs along with a fantastic upper body massage, including hands and feet, with options for more!

Signature Facial Descriptions (120 min Combo Tx): 

Your Choice of LuminEssence Massage Facial, Botanical Lift Massage Facial or Thai Massage Facial, All Inclusive with 24 K Gold tx & enjoy premium choice options for Hydrojelly or Hexapeptide Masques 

ALL $185

Signature Facials come with that extra oompth, including full back body massage in addition to face, neck, shoulders, etc and specialty services. These facials are highly recommended for spa savvy clients who want the whole package as well as glowing results!

LuminEssence Massage Facial 

(Specialized and Brightening Facelift Massage, Long Time "Paradise Facial" Favorite!)

A real "Paradise Facial", this specialized face lifting massage treatment will tone facial muscles, regenerate collagen and elastin, boost circulation and drain toxins. Includes lymphatic drainage, pressure points, specialty exfoliation and hydration masques, including a bio-active Manuka Honey masque, with all natural and customized products. 24 K gold silky anti-aging serum wraps up this facial massage treatment for glowing results and full body massage is part of this amazing full circle wellness package.This is a long time favorite for my clients and highly recommended for those looking for a true facial rejuvenation massage, inside and out!

Botanical Lift Massage Facial 

(European Anti-Aging/ Customized for All Skin Types & 

Ultrasonic Tx or Facial Cupping by recommendation)

The Botanical Lift Massage Facial is an upgraded version of my Clarifying Custom Facial. Botanical and high quality skin care products are customized to address all skin conditions. Deep cleansing and exfoliation techniques using Ultrasonic technology (see blog for more information) enhance product penetration, including revitalizing serums. Additional neck and eye lifting anti-aging treatments are included in this facial along with designer back bar options for your customized treatment. Powerful anti-oxidants and soothing botanicals are secret ingredients for all skin issues.

No matter your age or skin type, we all benefit from an Anti-Aging facial as our skin needs to be nurtured and rejuvenated against the harsh elements of weather and sun. The Botanical Lift Massage Facial also includes signature face lifting massage treatment to tone the facial muscles, regenerate collagen and elastin, boost circulation and drain toxins. A full body massage brings this wonderful treatment into a full circle, a true signature of BodyWellness of Naples!

Thai Massage Facial (All Skin Types & Recommended 

for Massage Savvy Clients only)

The Thai Massage Facial embraces both Eastern and Western modalities while maintaining the true authenticity of Thai bodywork as a healing art form. Thai Upper body release work as well as full back massage along with hands, feet, arms, shoulders, face and scalp are included. 

This "three phase facial" has more focus on facial stimulation techniques for balance, lift and drainage while deep cleansing and two specialty masks are prepared between the distinct phases of this facial. Cold stone therapy, deep pore cleanse as well as 24 K gold serum treatment are amongst only a few of the "surprises" this highly specialized facial has in store for you!

24 K Gold Serum treatment:

Silky 24 K anti-aging gold serum will brighten any facial treatment. By decreasing skin inflammation, Pure Gold helps improve the appearance of expression lines, fine wrinkles and age spots. This special serum includes multiple antioxidants, botanicals and essential oils for radiant skin.

24 K Gold Serum treatment is included in ALL 3 of the Signature Facials, and additional $10 by request for non-Signature Facials. It may also be purchased through our Online Store.

Visit my Truth Blog page for more information about specialized facial treatments.


Payment Options:

I rely on the honor system of professional courtesy, this goes both ways! Unlike many spas, I do not require a credit card to book services. Please read the following information prior to booking or confirming your appointment with me. My clients have my fullest attention and priority in advanced booking for appointments. Thank You!

Many businesses have increased prices or rates due to higher costs of PPE, cleaning services and limited slots for business services. BodyWellness of Naples has elected to maintain the current price list for all inclusive services, established since January 2018. Loyal clients have always been rewarded and referrals appreciated.

To maintain current prices, we ask payments to be made by cash or check made out to BodyWellness of Naples LLC. Those who would like to earn Credit Card power points while booking spa services, will be charged a 4% convenience fee. This fee does NOT apply to our Online Store (or in spa product purchases) or online reservations for your Red Light Laser Bed sessions. Thank you for supporting small businesses.

Please see Cancellation Policy Page to ensure your own priority as a valued client!